Verlies geen tijd

Valori ontwikkelde een checklist die je kunt gebruiken om te zien waar je in het testproject tijd kunt verliezen. Maar niet als je samen met je projectmanager de items uit de checklist bespreekt en maatregelen neemt. Je projectmanager wil vast meewerken, want wie wil er niet de time-to-market verkleinen. Derk-Jan de Grood presenteerde deze checklist op EuroSTAR 2010 in Copenhagen.

Continued in English:

Do not lose valuable testing time
This checklist is the outcome of the research for the causes of loosing valuable testing time. It addresses key points that, when taken care of, can save the project a lot of time and reduce the time-to-market. The checklist can be used to address potential risks and help project managers to assess to what degree the project organization supports and facilitates the testing process. The list indicates where possible time saving measures can be taken in order to reduce the testing time and shorten the time to market.

The checklist consist of five main causes of why we lose valuable time in the testing project. These are:
• doing the wrong things
• unnecessary waiting time
• chasing information
• unnecessary repetitions
• Inefficiency

How to use this checklist
Asses for your project or organization whether it meets the description. Try to be as honest as possible and above all; try to cooperate and ask your colleagues to contribute with their views. If you cannot give a clear and convincing explanation you might have found a weak spot. Read the additional comment in italics to see where you may lose time and risk project delay. Ready ? let's get started.